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Triumph’s Light Sensation is Everything Your Favourite Lingerie Should Be

2015 July 31
by .:Leeming:.

I’ve been writing articles about comfy undergarments. As you know undergarment is very important for every women. I personally think that inner plays a huge role in defining your outer self. The importance of undergarments does in fact go a lot deeper than simple hygiene and it quite literally affects your health! Maintaining the right genital temperature is very important to staying healthy and therefore your choice of underwear is very important. Essentially, the temperature of your genitalia should be slightly higher than the entire body temperature. Your underwear makes all the difference.

In areas with high levels of humidity like Malaysia, We have summers all year round, and it can become unbearable as moisture and sweat just refuse to evaporate and no amount of ventilation seems to suffice. For this reason, parts of the body that are subjected to greater friction and moisture buildup, like the areas around the breasts, on the inner thighs and around the genitalia, are more prone to irritation. The excessive perspiration and low rate of evaporation seem to work together to generate foul body odors and unpleasant body rashes. But worry no more, as Triumph evented the incredible new Light Sensation Lingerie to avoid such conditions. =)


Once you have the right bra size for you, choosing a bra and underwear that is cool, comfortable and breathable is essential. Triumph’s Light Sensation lingerie is this season’s latest comfort innovation and a fashionably sensual way to staying cool, confident and perfectly fresh all day long. What’s amazing is that the cups are actually made with a unique 3D ‘spacer fabric’ that significantly enhances ventilation and increases breathability whilst offering airy, lightweight support and an attractive look at the same time.

Refreshingly light and soft, the flexible aerated cups create an uplifting experience as they assist in keeping the wearer dryer, cooler and more radiant, without compromising on the high quality fashion and function benefits Triumph women are already accustomed to. In fact, the irresistible new range features all of Triumph’s best-selling favorites. If it is superior shaping and extra support that you’re after, opt for the Light Sensation style that has been designed with specially tailored cups for a rounder, more sensual bust shape.

Alternatively, Light Sensation’s Body Make-Up styles provide you with virtually invisible lingerie and extreme, all-over smooth fit comfort. With a slight cushioned effect, the aerated spacer fabric gently hugs body contours and All you will feel is uninhibited feminine confidence as you take on Summer with fresh, flawless radiance.

This is how I match the Light Sensation’s Body Make-Up lingerie with my Raya OOTD.


If it’s all about your cleavage, you will love Light Sensation’s push-up styles, specifically created to bring you both maximum boost and maximum comfort! These sensual designs amplify your fresh factor as they enhance your cleavage, making you a most desirable muse.

What makes me amaze is Triumph also invented a series of Shape Sensation that will camouflage those unwanted inches, without compromising on comfort or style.


A must-have for the lady who wants to feel supported and stylish, the light sensation shapewear pieces also feature very soft micro-fibre fabric, Offering several seemless styles and available in a series of seasonal colours, the collection will sculpt curves and flatter the figure, wherever you need help most.

All of the bras featured in the contemporary range can be combined with delightful matching briefs in an assortment of lightweight stretch sheers, lace and smooth fit fabrics, so you can stay fresh and fabulous from head to toe.

Triumph’s Light Sensation offers a whole new experience in fresh, airy, sensual comfort.

Discover it for yourself today and surround your body in a whole new kind of fresh beauty!


Beat The Rainy Day Blues

2015 May 21
by .:Leeming:.


I’m definitely a coat and jacket person, been buying so many coats recently because I really cant resist a good coats. Guess what its crazy to say this but I’m into raincoats too!

A cold and rainy weather on weekdays is usually something people hate; you’ll be stuck in the jam while going and coming back from work, when all you want to do is stay in. Nevertheless, I think we should always try to see the bright side of everything, even though it is hard sometimes.

It’s been raining every weekend, it’s so hard for me and the boyfriend to ride on his new baby Triumph Scrambler because weather is awful here and it doesn’t look like it is going to get better. This being said, there is one trend that could brighten your day and I named it…the clear raincoat!

Daring and unexpected, the raincoat will totally change your style and bring a little something to your outfit. Remember that wearing a clear raincoat is daring and that the quality of the fabrics is key. Therefore if you are willing to try this trend, be very picky when choosing your raincoat to uplift the spirit and spice up the wardrobe.


Lilac Blouse | TOPSHOP -Raffia Boucle Pelmet Skirt | TOPSHOP – Raincoat | TOPSHOP – Orange Pumps | TOPSHOP – Watch | FOSSIL

Photo By Azreen

Ripped Off

2015 May 14
by .:Leeming:.


Are you digging ripped jeans? Because I’m in love with it! Ripped jeans will make you look instantly stylish. It’s definitely a style and a returning trend for both male and female. Wearing ripped jeans can be tricky as you don’t want to look trashy. If not outfitted properly you may end up looking haggard and maybe like you got your jeans from the dumpster.

I always prefer the elegant and chic look with my ripped jeans. Some simple rules for wearing ripped jeans would be to wear them close. It doesn’t have to be fitted but should be close enough to fit neatly. Loose or baggy ripped jeans on a female will look really terrible. Slim jeans with small rips look better. Avoid rips with large holes.

One thing to remember when wearing ripped jeans is to keep it simple. Pair it with a plain basic top and complete your outfit with high sandals or pumps.

IMG_7771 IMG_7772 IMG_7776IMG_7773IMG_7780IMG_7782IMG_7794(1)IMG_7784IMG_7791IMG_7786IMG_7795IMG_7778Basic Black Top | TOPSHOP – Cardigan | COTTON ON – Ripped Jeans | TOPSHOP – Belt | TOPSHOP – Fedora Hat | COTTON ON – Bag | MARC BY MARC JACOBS – Pumps | ZARA

Photo By : Adrian Chua