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Beat The Rainy Day Blues

2015 May 21
by .:Leeming:.


I’m definitely a coat and jacket person, been buying so many coats recently because I really cant resist a good coats. Guess what its crazy to say this but I’m into raincoats too!

A cold and rainy weather on weekdays is usually something people hate; you’ll be stuck in the jam while going and coming back from work, when all you want to do is stay in. Nevertheless, I think we should always try to see the bright side of everything, even though it is hard sometimes.

It’s been raining every weekend, it’s so hard for me and the boyfriend to ride on his new baby Triumph Scrambler because weather is awful here and it doesn’t look like it is going to get better. This being said, there is one trend that could brighten your day and I named it…the clear raincoat!

Daring and unexpected, the raincoat will totally change your style and bring a little something to your outfit. Remember that wearing a clear raincoat is daring and that the quality of the fabrics is key. Therefore if you are willing to try this trend, be very picky when choosing your raincoat to uplift the spirit and spice up the wardrobe.


Lilac Blouse | TOPSHOP -Raffia Boucle Pelmet Skirt | TOPSHOP – Raincoat | TOPSHOP – Orange Pumps | TOPSHOP – Watch | FOSSIL

Photo By Azreen

Ripped Off

2015 May 14
by .:Leeming:.


Are you digging ripped jeans? Because I’m in love with it! Ripped jeans will make you look instantly stylish. It’s definitely a style and a returning trend for both male and female. Wearing ripped jeans can be tricky as you don’t want to look trashy. If not outfitted properly you may end up looking haggard and maybe like you got your jeans from the dumpster.

I always prefer the elegant and chic look with my ripped jeans. Some simple rules for wearing ripped jeans would be to wear them close. It doesn’t have to be fitted but should be close enough to fit neatly. Loose or baggy ripped jeans on a female will look really terrible. Slim jeans with small rips look better. Avoid rips with large holes.

One thing to remember when wearing ripped jeans is to keep it simple. Pair it with a plain basic top and complete your outfit with high sandals or pumps.

IMG_7771 IMG_7772 IMG_7776IMG_7773IMG_7780IMG_7782IMG_7794(1)IMG_7784IMG_7791IMG_7786IMG_7795IMG_7778Basic Black Top | TOPSHOP – Cardigan | COTTON ON – Ripped Jeans | TOPSHOP – Belt | TOPSHOP – Fedora Hat | COTTON ON – Bag | MARC BY MARC JACOBS – Pumps | ZARA

Photo By : Adrian Chua

Experience The Magic With Triumph Innovative Magic Wire Collection

2015 May 7
by .:Leeming:.

IMG_9179 IMG_9212IMG_9172IMG_9209IMG_9220

As a fashion stylist I always think lingerie is one of the essential parts of an outfit and is as important as a shoe or heels that works with a certain outfit. I do suggest in investing a bit more in lingerie, as it is the first piece of clothing that touches your skin.

I was wondering how many of you are actually wearing the right size of bra, have you ever ask yourself that? Well, I had my first bra fitting 1 year ago with Triumph and was very surprised that I had been wearing the wrong bra size for years. That is probably why I always felt so uncomfortable with my lingerie and never had the right feel. I would highly recommend a bra fitting to every woman. Chances are you’re wearing the wrong bra size. I was wearing 34B and now I have been measured and fitted professionally. I’m actually a 34C never in my life I’ve experienced a comfortable bra or taken my time to think about fitting as a priority.

It takes time to find good quality lingerie that’s flattered to your body, but good lingerie will come through for you!


Find out which is my favorite Triumph Maximizer at the end of this article.


 Triumph has always improve and made it a goal to help women resolve their everyday struggles with undergarments. Whether its shape wear, underwire, or bra straps, Triumph never fails to surprise me with their designs, what more awesome is that they creates this NEW MAGIC WIRE BRA!

Triumph’s best fit innovation yet, the exciting new Magic Wire brings women their greatest intimate gift with the full support of an under wire bra, yet the feel of none, making it possible to create the ultimate sensual cleavage in maximum comfort.

 Sound to me like it’s the perfect bra! I always wanted a bra with light fabric and soft on the skin. Can’t believe I actually found it. Triumph Magic Wire is perfect! It is one of those amazing bras that hold everything in place beautifully without you being aware that you’re even wearing it and can’t be seen under even the tightest clothing. It provides the support we need to feel better, too. You’ll never go back, once you’ve had a bra that really fits, or a shaper that makes you feel hugged from all sides. All that is felt against the skin is the softest fabric with ultimate comfort, perfect fit and a breathtaking cleavage, what more could a woman want from her favorite bra. I’m definitely planning on buying more of this style in different colors.

 I’m a very simple girl when it comes to lingerie. I love basic! Colors that I used the most are nude, white, grey and black. I definitely like matching lingerie sets. The key thing is comfort. That is the main thing for me. I choose my lingerie depending on the situation and the outfit I am wearing. If possible I would go for a basic everyday bra most days.

 Triumph always has something to give, there are so many collections to choose and I usually take my time to wonder the whole boutique just to check out their pretty lingerie. Collections that I’m impressed are the Sexy Cushion Maximizer. It is the bra that boasts intelligent patented memory cushions that mold perfectly to individual breast contours, delivering the most superb fit and utmost comfort.

 Sometimes, some bras just can’t get you that right amount of cleavage, but the Triumph Cleavage on Demand bra definitely can. In fact, up to 5cm worth of cleavage boost just by tightening the satin lace.

 Oh, and you must not miss this too! Triumph’s award-winning Aqua Maximizer contains magically engineered water cushions to instantly boost you 2-cup sizes up! The result? Visible dramatic push-up effect with natural bounce.

 Triumph‘s undergarments and lingerie promises comfort, which not only gives you the confidence to face the world but also makes you, feel sexy and beautiful from within. Not to mention, sexy cleavage!


My favorite would be the Triumph Aqua Enhancer. It is aptly named after the innovative lightweight gel pad that has been strategically placed inside the bra cup to provide an extra strong integrated push-up cushion. Each cushion has been injected with 25g of the soft gel, instantly increases the appearance of the bust by up to 2-cup sizes as well as offering lift and support benefits. Widely loved by women in Asia, many have worn by its amazing results!

Why do we need a boob job when we have such awesome lingerie like this! University of Manchester scientific research into uplifting lingerie proves push-up bras make women 75 per cent more confident. I’m not lying they really do give you a boost! Plus, men are more attracted to women with confidence! It’s appealing and sexy when you love yourself and it shows. It might seem surprising that lingerie can give you this kind of confidence, but it really shouldn’t. After all, good lingerie can help you feel better about yourself, even if only you know it’s there.

It provides the support we need to feel better, too. You’ll never go back, once you’ve had a bra that really fits, or a shaper that makes you feel hugged from all sides.

So, girls don’t just sit and wait for your partner to get you lingerie, because they will end up buying what they want instate of what you want. The benefits of lingerie aren’t just for the bedroom. Even when you’re in jeans and a tee-shirt, or wearing your work clothes, a great set of lingerie can give you all the benefits it offers in the bedroom. You’ll think about how great you look and feel, and it’ll put a little extra bounce of confidence and happiness in your step!

FYI Triumph Celebrates 20 Years Of Maximizer Magic and they are giving away 20 set of Triumph Maximizer! Don’t forget to check out Triumph Malaysia Facebook: for “Triumph Celebrates 20 Years Of Maximizer Magic Contest”! to win a Triumph Maximizer set!

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Triumph Magic Wire collection available at:

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Photo By Adrian Chua